Pros and Cons relaying on Open Source Testing Tools

Open source test management tools have made waves in the tech world creating a movement for software to be more transparent and accessible to all. What began as a grand perfect has turned into the standard. Upwards of 93% of associations utilize open source tools and 78% run part or the greater part of their operations on these open source testing tools, as per The Tenth Annual Future of Open Source Survey.

JMeter Vs LoadRunner: Performance Testing Tools

The Jmeter and LoadRunner both are the Performance Testing tools and are very much well known among various load testing tools. LoadRunner: HP Performance Testing Tools. Performance testing done for website load test is something that formerly executed most of the time with software tool installed on local machines like HP’s LoadRunner, presumably the most familiar tool in the realm of performance testing. JMeter – Advanced Open Source Option JMeter is an advanced tool among the open source performance testing tools that is same as LoadRunner in terms of technical capabilities. It mainly runs simulated, that means virtual users make the same requests that a real browser would make.

Is Domain Knowledge is Essential Aspect in Software Testing?

Domain knowledge for software engineers is vital in software testing methodologies as the tester who has domain skills can test the software architecture better than others. The domain knowledge in software testing plays a critical part as one of the S/W testing theories says “Testing is Environment Driven” that means the testing executed in healthcare domain is not same as insurance domain testing process.

User Interface Testing Boosting Web Applications

User Interface Testing is basically refers to the interaction between users and software. That is the initial point of connecting the web applications and Users. Success of any web application depends on how it connect with users through user interface, how user will react to your app features and whether the app respond in right manner towards functionality. Any web application with incorrect functionality or unacceptable web ui testing can lead to numerous issues.

Enhancement of QA process using Quality Gates Next Methodology

As a changing times we have seen so many ways to deal with software enhancement recently. Thus Practices like Continuous Integration/Delivery, DevOps and Agile have become Ordinary. However with changing trends, the testers are also using different new ways for providing high QA to improve your product quality. The question arise that, how might you come to know, that how effective your QA process is in this Agile and new world?

The Unsaid Requirements in Software Testing for Consistency

Generally development of any User Interface system we are always aware of the consistency problems and we usually solve these by unique arrangements made by testers. The main purpose of this blog is to introduce our users about the unsaid needs in testing for consistency. Consistency is one of the important aspects in software development lifecycle among different parts of software system being designed and implemented.