A Journey towards software Testing Tool QTP

QTP stands for QuickTest Professional, an hp QTP testing tool encourages testers to execute an automated functional testing flawlessly, without checking, once content improvement is finished. QTP testing tool utilizes Visual Basic Scripting for automating the applications. The Scripting Engine is not need to be installed solely, as it is accessible as a piece of the Windows OS. The Current form of VBScript is 5.8 is accessible as a piece of Win 7. VBScript is an object-based language but not an object-oriented language.


Basics of API Automation Testing

Before understanding API testing automation, you all need to know what exactly is API. So, basically API stands for an Application Programming Interface and it is a set of procedures and software functions, known as API calls that can be implemented by other software applications. API testing automation is mostly utilized for the framework which has gathering of API that needs to be tested. The framework could be application software, system software or libraries. API testing is unique in relation to other testing sorts as graphical user interface is hardly associated with API Testing. Regardless of the possibility that GUI is not associated with API testing, then you has to setup everything from beginning condition, suggested API with required set of parameters and after that at long last breaks down the result. Setting introductory condition wind up plainly complex since GUI is not included.

A/B Testing: The base for Higher Conversion Rates

By TestOrigen Pvt Ltd in Software TestingPosted September 13, 2017 at 12:50 pm Easy Tips and Tricks to Execute UI/UX Testing Easy Tips and Tricks to Execute UI UX Testing. ui/ux testing tipsMany advertising supervisors realize that they need to enhance their site’s usability but don’t exactly know how to approach ui and ux testing. They regularly don’t know where to begin or what to focus. To make any sort of ui/ux testing advantageous, you need to break it into basic steps and remain concentrated on what you need to accomplish. Both UX and UI creators deal with making lovely interfaces, yet their inclusion and ranges of abilities are required at various circumstances during the outline and improvement process. So how would you know which ux testing methodologies and ui testing framework is the best fit for you? So, Lets learn about these easy ui/ux testing tips or tricks to perform automated ui testing and various types of ux testing for enhancing your website usability: The initial step to getting set up for any sort of testing is to first watch what’s going on your site. You can do this with the utilization of automated ui testing tools, investigation, and general insights. The majority of these ux testing tools and ui testing tools are shabby, genuinely simple to set up and get it. They will give you a smart thought of how ui/ux testing tips can helps your clients in associating with your site on various levels. Later than a couple of days of gathering this data, you have to consider your essential objective and backtrack to make sense of how the client would achieve that objective. For instance, suppose that your clients are coming to shop on your eCommerce store and peruse a particular class. You may require to the client to click that classification’s links and inquiry under the classification. At that point, you might need to arrange the query items sensibly. After characterizing what the objective is and how you need clients to achieve it, you need to break down into small steps that the client will take. After arriving on your site, the client should discover the classification of items he needs to peruse. At that point, the clients should utilize the classification particular hunt capacity to discover the sort of item he’s searching for. Doing this will detach the steps with the goal that you can concentrate on enhancing the plan for each single part. This is the place you need to consider how to enhance the ux testing methods for each progression. You may concentrate on the ui testing tips on the initial step to check whether the classification joins are unmistakably sorted out, instinctive, and all around composed. At that point, you might need to endeavor to enhance the ease of use for the second step in case you find that the inquiry work has not been advanced to the best of its capacity. At long last, you need to test the adequacy of the new ux testing software. You need to make new ux tips and tricks, pictures, designs, or arranging to check whether it performs superior to the last emphasis. By working on enhancing the ui/ux testing tips and tricks for each progression, it’ll at last prompt a remarkable user experience for the objective you’ve set. In the process of enhancing the usability of your site, UI, and UX doesn’t need to be more complexed than that. By following these easy ui/ux testing tips, you can make huge enhancements in your site’s execution, especially towards an area of your site that has been experiencing difficulty in motivating clients to connect. TestOrigen provides best ux testing services as well as ui testing by automating their procedures. So, do come to us and improve your site’s quality at its best. Continue Reading → By TestOrigen Pvt Ltd in Software TestingPosted September 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm Soon iPhone 8 shock the Apple lovers Soon iPhone 8 shock the Apple lovers. iphone 8 latest newsSoon the iPhone 8 or iPhone X is going to shock the Apple lovers with their outstanding features on apple’s tenth anniversary. iphone 8 latest news and rumors are still twisting over new highlights like a 3D camera, infinity screen to their competitors the Samsung S8, and free AirPods for every consumer. Here is the thing that we know up until now… One thing is pretty clear to iPhone fans that: this is turning out to be one of the greatest updates Apple has ever made to its smartphone line. iPhone 8 release date: Apple iphone latest news has apparently affirmed that the latest apple iPhone 8 will be released on September 12 – with puzzling invitations conveyed to the first occasion at the new Steve Jobs Theater inside Apple’s headquarter. The date, which had been generally circled before it was authoritatively recognized, fits with Apple’s annual autumn launch of major iphone latest model. The iphone latest news tends to follow a similar schedule each year – the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S and 7 were altogether launched in September of back to back years. But, it’s been guaranteed this eagerly awaited flagship apple iphone 8 won’t be released in September – as iphone 8 launch may wind up having a different name. The Californian firm is planning iphone 8 release date 2017 at a sparkling function held in its new “spaceship” base camp on September 12. Apple will most likely reveal a top of the line device called the iPhone Edition or maybe the iPhone X, as indicated by iphone 8 latest news. Business Insider announced how an exploration note from Deutsche Bank asserted the iPhone 8 won’t be discharged for this present year because of store network issues and “technical difficulties”. But Past rumors and news had even recommended that delays in the apple iphone 8 launch is its new unique fingerprint sensor would mean its discharge could be set back until October at the earliest. iPhone 8 Specs – What’s in this apple iphone latest model? The latest iphone version will, more than likely, highlight an A11 chip, based on ARM’s exceedingly effective 10nm assembling procedure, and run the following variant of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 11. The latest iphone 8 news revealed that Apple may choose to keep the similar storage options from the iPhone 7 – 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Nonetheless, Chinese tipster GeekBar claims that Apple will twofold the storage capacity limit at each level, offering a decision of 64GB, 256GB or 512GB. Screen: This year’s iphone 8 latest news is that Apple is going to add the OLED displays on the iphone 8 features list. Not at all like ordinary LCD boards, have the pixels on an OLED screen delivered their own light. That implies the screen does not need to bother with a backdrop illumination, saving battery. In any case, it likewise implies that individual pixels can be killed, allowing for more genuine blacks – hence enhancing dynamic range and enlarging the hues extent. Apple is thinking to add three display sizes for the iPhone 8: 4.7-inches, 5.5-inches and 5.8-inches. Performance: Apple is likewise profoundly prone to present another system-on-a-chip for the iPhone 8, as is dependably the case with major iPhone discharges. The iPhone 7 keeps running on the new A10 Fusion chip, however the iPhone 8 will use a more up to date SoC – most likely the unannounced A11 processor. Photography: As far as the camera goes, KGI Securities trusts that Apple will extend iphone 8 specifications to double focal point camera from the iPhone 7 Plus, despite the fact that it isn’t evident whether this will be accessible on select models. The examiners likewise trust that the iPhone 8 will utilize a “progressive” front camera that highlights 3D-detecting capacities. This could be utilized to decide profundity and area of articles in a 3D space, allowing for interesting increased reality applications later on. Power: There’s additionally a lot of hypothesis that Apple will at last include wireless charging of the iPhone 8. In their starting times, the Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium back in February. iPhone 8 cost: The entry level iPhone 8 is likely going to sell at any rate £599, and could rise near £1000 for the best end model. TestOrigen always wanted their customers constantly updated to latest rumors or news related upcoming technologies and innovations. Continue Reading → By TestOrigen Pvt Ltd in Software TestingPosted September 8, 2017 at 1:37 pm Rock your Data Driven Testing Using Testcomplete Rock your Data Driven Testing Using Testcomplete toolTestComplete tool is a spinal cord for TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile. TestComplete Platform encourages you to locate the perfect balance between the speed of utilization conveyance and quality at a reasonable cost. TestComplete tool is a UI and also a functional automation tool for testers hoping to build proficiency and decreasing the cost of their testing procedure. With a simple to-utilize interface QA teams can actualize a automation arrangement within a minutes. And, in today’s condition where time to advertise means the world, no QA team can stand to be without a TestComplete automation tool that reduces performance time and decreases costs. From QA testers who need to build the numbers of tests they are performing, to extend directors confronting quick improvement plans, TestComplete testing tool is the adaptable arrangement that will convey the outcomes expected to assist you in conveying the software products on time and under your budget. In this TestComplete automation tool tutorial, we will be covering Data Driven Testing utilizing TestComplete tool. Step 1: Install TestComplete and sign in. Install TestComplete and sign in. Step 2: Launch the application and you will see the begin page. Launch the application and you will see the begin page. Step 3: Creating a Test Project and Specifying a Tested Application Creating a Test Project and Specifying a Tested Application Step 4: Creating a Data Storage Creating a Data Storage Step 5: Creating One Script Iteration Creating One Script Iteration Step 6: Modifying Script and Assigning Input Values Modifying Script and Assigning Input Values Step 7: Executing Script and Checking Results Executing Script and Checking Results The fundamental thought of data-driven testing is to isolate test contents and directions from the information that is utilized for testing. Typically, test data storage is a table whose strings hold information of a specific test. Exceed expectations sheets, database tables, content records and arrays can be utilized as data sources. These easy seven steps definitely help our users in understanding the TestComplete testing procedure. TestOrigen uses TestComplete tool for functional testing procedures and provides the best possible results to their clients. Continue Reading → By TestOrigen Pvt Ltd in Software TestingPosted September 8, 2017 at 1:23 pm A/B Testing: The base for Higher Conversion Rates AB Testing- The base for Higher Conversion Rates. ab testing tools

Testing Tutorial to Test Compatibility Using Browserstack

BrowserStack is one of the wide used tools among various browser compatibility testing tools that testers always depend on at compatibility test training. Its tool for browser compatibility testing that makes it simple to perform the cross browser compatibility testing. At whatever point we refresh our site plan or test another element, we can undoubtedly investigate issues on various mobile devices and in major browsers using various compatibility testing tools. As engineers and originators, we regularly misinterpret in testing of our responsive plan on a desktop PC. Resizing the compatibility testing test cases imitate the screen size of cell phone, although it does not give a really precise outcome.

A Walk to Remember While Testing Ecommerce Website

When it comes to Ecommerce website testing, the minor points of interest identify with real outcomes. The entire presence of these websites depends on their clients, their users. Guaranteeing these visitors convert, as well as constantly come back to convert is vital to their business. The Conversion rates are the key metric through which an e-commerce website can be calculated their prosperity. Keeping up these are as high as possible are vital to glad users and a cheerful organization. Influenced by all way of changes in accordance with design, process and speed; it is fundamental to discover which of these issues are keeping down the site, and fix them right now.

Exploratory Testing: The Crush of Agile Team

Numerous businesses trust Exploratory Testing is the eventual future of manual testing – particularly for agile procedures. Exploratory testing techniques are used substantially for more than bug hunting or common error guessing with the help of exploratory testing tools; it’s a coordinated process that empowers agile groups to get bugs prior as well as to team up on more viable session-based testing.

Android O: Soon Disclosed to World

Android Nougat was formally launched in August 2016, and we’ve been seeing a consistent rollout on Android leaders from that point onward. Presently android latest version O should be Android 8, and soon launch with all Android updates. The main thing that world want to know is which dessert name Google is picking for this android latest version. Android Oreo, Android Oatmeal, or some other sweet. Yet, it would seem that Google won’t pick that name at all.

Pros and Cons relaying on Open Source Testing Tools

Open source test management tools have made waves in the tech world creating a movement for software to be more transparent and accessible to all. What began as a grand perfect has turned into the standard. Upwards of 93% of associations utilize open source tools and 78% run part or the greater part of their operations on these open source testing tools, as per The Tenth Annual Future of Open Source Survey.

JMeter Vs LoadRunner: Performance Testing Tools

The Jmeter and LoadRunner both are the Performance Testing tools and are very much well known among various load testing tools. LoadRunner: HP Performance Testing Tools. Performance testing done for website load test is something that formerly executed most of the time with software tool installed on local machines like HP’s LoadRunner, presumably the most familiar tool in the realm of performance testing. JMeter – Advanced Open Source Option JMeter is an advanced tool among the open source performance testing tools that is same as LoadRunner in terms of technical capabilities. It mainly runs simulated, that means virtual users make the same requests that a real browser would make.